Must Meet AFI

Hey, I'm Cheryl from MA. I'm like totally obsessed with AFI..(hense the user name) anyways I'm going to Cali in 1 month, for the last week of July and the first week of August. My brother and I want to catch some local band shows while we're out there and some big shows too. If you know of any or know where I can find the guys from AFI Tell me PLEASE! Thanks I'll write again soon!!
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hey im new

NAME: Ramsey wild
AGE: 16
GENDER: female
FAVE CALI BANDS: local band- l.a.o , winterdale calls , nathaniels endeavors , slightly salty others - sublime incubus hello,goodbye ...
FAVE NON-CALI BANDS: a static lulaby , green day ,hawthorne heights , die trying , the bled , new found glory ... theres a lot more lol
ANYTHING ELSE: umm.. ^-^ bye &hearts
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NAME: Emily
AGE: 15
GENDER: female
FAVE CALI BANDS: sublime, die trying, afi, linkin park, no doubt, blink, etc
FAVE NON-CALI BANDS: a lot others

applicant or whateva

NAME: Valencia
AGE: 15

FAVE CALI BANDS: key to arson, blink, modest mouse, deftones!, yellowcard
FAVE NON-CALI BANDS: dashboard, the flaming lips, sublime, greenday
ANYTHING ELSE: a guy walked into a bar and said ow, im five feet tall 95 pounds, and i will do absolutely anything for choclate.anything.


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(no subject)

FAVE CALI BANDS:Deftones, Incubus, AFI, AAF, RATM, The Start
FAVE NON-CALI BANDS: Don't even know where the others are from
ANYTHING ELSE:hmmm....I like zombies
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(no subject)

NAME: Balyn
AGE: 14
GENDER: female
FAVE CALI BANDS: afi/sublime/the transplants
ANYTHING ELSE:love music, moving to cali when i graduate from h.s. add me if you like
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(no subject)

NAME: Kris
AGE: 15
GENDER: female
FAVE CALI BANDS: thrice, no doubt, the ataris, blink 182
FAVE NON-CALI BANDS: (not sure where these bands are from, some may be from cali) saosin, senses fail, a static lullaby, alkaline trio, finch, my chemical romance, from autumn to ashes, mae, misfits
ANYTHING ELSE: awesome local bands: here til thursday, eternal requim, five star hero
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